Southward Bound

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This is the point where our Yellowstone/Grand Teton story begins to wind down. The prior four days had been exhausting, both emotionally and physically, and it was now time to start the dreaded drive southeast back toward Colorado. We knew it would start off lovely enough, following the southward route from Jackson carved by the Snake River through the Rocky Mountains.

It was another cold morning, and the dense fog along the river was blinding at times. It was dark when we had taken this road north toward Jackson, and it was great to see what we had missed. I only wish we had more time to stop and look around, but alas, the long drive ahead of us was daunting, and we were already road weary, so we pushed on south toward what we knew would be the most boring leg of the drive—Interstate 80 east from Rock Springs.

While I was reviewing my photos from the trip, I was shocked to see that I had taken exactly one picture on day five of our trip, a view to the east from Highway 191 in Wyoming, well north of Rock Springs.

East from Highway 191, Wyoming; f/13, 30 sec, ISO 100

Even after we had finally made it to Estes Park, Colorado, well before sunset, the only thing on our mind was finding a place to get some beer and dinner. So we did just that, and I left the camera behind in the hotel room.

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