Your Morning Cup of Pixels: New Beginnings

I have decided to approach things a little differently in order to breathe some life into this neglected blog. My life has taken on a new level of complexity since the addition of our wonderful daughter to our lives, and the prospect of hammering out a full summary of an entire day’s shooting or a series of photographs (like I usually do) is prohibitively daunting, so I am going to start sharing a single image at a time.

Last week, our family went on our first real trip together since the birth of Gavin, to the mountains of north-central Colorado around Rocky Mountain National Park and Arapaho National Forest. It had been 324 days since my last true photography excursion, which was by far the longest gap between trips since I started my photo-life in earnest.

Nonetheless, despite this long layoff, my camera and I have been extremely busy this year at home taking shots of Gavin, flowers, and local miscellany. And I’m looking forward to showing what I have been up to.

The photograph below is one of the very first from the Colorado trip. Teri, Gavin, and I got up before sunrise on our first full day there to explore the area near our lodging, and we immediately found this red barn in the working town (as opposed to tourist town) of Granby, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain foothills in the distance are those that border the south shore of Lake Granby.

red barn at sunrise, granby, colorado

‘a new beginning’

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