Your Morning Cup of Pixels: Two Pennies

Everybody, meet Monarch Lake. Monarch Lake, this is everybody. This must be a hidden treasure for locals of Grand County, situated at the termination of County Road 6, a long, rattly, windy gravel road that runs along the south shore of Lake Granby. It is, without reservation, one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen. The first of our many visits to the lake during our stay found it eerily still. We watched a couple of moose grazing in the shore grass on the opposite bank, and we were immediately investigated by several hummingbirds upon our arrival. And I don’t mean just sniffed by them before they moved on; it was a true invasion of our personal space. Simultaneously disturbing and delightful, as though they considered us exotic walking flowers.

One caveat: When you decide to see it for yourself during your next visit to Colorado, the four-mile trail around the lake is more like six or seven. Budget your time accordingly. And as for that persistent distant rumbling of thunder you hear halfway into the hike, a daily feature of the area…Yeah, prepare to get soaked.

Monarch Lake, Grand County, Colorado

‘a lily and a loaf of bread’

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