Your Morning Cup of Pixels: Toadstool Nights

The trip that Daniel and I took to Toadstool Geologic Park was timed ideally for night photography, having been one day removed from the new moon. We really wanted to get some spectacular shots of the Milky Way, and Toadstool is situated far, far away from any urban light pollution.

Although I did not end up with any cosmic masterpieces of light painting, it sure was fun fumbling around the toadstools in the pitch black with our flashlights, experimenting with different approaches. The sky was never fully clear at any point, although the brighter stars were visible at times through thin veils of clouds. My most successful photograph from the night is below.

If you are looking for night photography done right, I’ll refer you to the work of my good friend Ben Coffman.

‘toadstool nights’

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