Your Morning Cup of Pixels: The Final Breath of St. Valentine

I use several online media platforms to share my work, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For whatever reason, I rarely post non-travel-related photos here on my blog, which seems silly, since I can control all aspects of quality control. This is particularly a concern with image quality, since Facebook’s compression process tends to destroy fine, subtle detail in images, introducing banding/posterization. Every step of my shooting/editing process is designed around maintaining as much image quality as possible, so running my images through the Facebook grinder is painful for me.

So from now on, every time I upload an image to my Facebook page, I’m going to upload it here, too, so a cleaner image can be available online to interested readers, even if this dual availability is designed more for my own peace of mind.

The image in this post is a good example. See those fine gradations in the shadow areas? They’re digital garbage in the Facebook version (see

Speaking of, I don’t think I’ve even mentioned my Facebook page here on my website/blog. I created it specifically for my series of floral portraits. If you have not done so, go Like it at, and I promise to sprinkle your newsfeed with beautiful flower pictures.

‘the final breath of St. Valentine’

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