Your Morning Cup of Pixels: The Embrace

This is for all of you. To the chocolate-buyers, the sour-singles, the happily-singles, the guy who bought the $350 monstrosity of roses at Hy-Vee this morning, the jaded lovers, the romantics who are good to each other even on the other 364 days, the 2-years-olds who are showered with love with the regularity of the rising sun and the ones who sadly are not, the old couples who still hold hands, the old couple whose passion has faded into friendship and familiarity, and the couple who has agreed that cards have gotten too expensive, the holidays too commercialized, the wait times at restaurants too long, the walk to the passenger-side door too far. Whoever you are, and however you decide to celebrate or not celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is for you, whether you like it or not.

‘the embrace’

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