Your Morning Cup of Pixels: The Unseen Light

This was conceived as an experimental photograph more than anything else. It was our second-to-last day in South Padre, and I had decided to head across the causeway to explore Port Isabel about an hour before sunrise. The fog was incredibly dense, so thick that I was afraid to venture into unexplored territory while driving, so I parked as soon as possible and stayed very near the water among the docks to wait for more light.

I was almost completely blind, making the clear sounds of the ocean jarring in contrast. It was one of the most peaceful, surrealistic, ominous mornings of my life, as if I were being smothered painlessly in the warm morning air of paradise.

Out in the darkness, somewhere in the subdued lapping of the waves and distant gull calls, were these five pilings, which resembled five smudges of blackness amid the dim glow of the fog. So I set up my camera on my tripod, focused as well as I could, and opened the shutter for four minutes. This is what ended up with–four seagulls perched, patiently awaiting a brighter shade of gray.

‘the unseen light’

  • Gma - Did I tell you yet that I love your narratives as much as your photos/you.ReplyCancel

    • Buck - No, but now that I know, I will hold my head up higher 🙂 Thanks, gma. XOXOReplyCancel

  • Shonda Bevill - You are an amazing photographer, Buck! LOVE your work!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - That turned out so neat!ReplyCancel

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