Your Morning Cup of Pixels: Four Happy Crayons on Manila Paper

Having a 2-year-old in the house means that I read a lot of kids’ books, and many are adorned by cute little drawings of background flowers (and bunnies, butterflies, birds, etc). They are typically 5 or 6 rounded red or yellow petals above a green stem and maybe a few hastily drawn leaves. I’m usually unsure which type of flower they’re meant to represent; maybe some British flower that I’m unfamiliar with, since so many kids’ books have deep English roots. Regardless, I’m always on the lookout for flowers that seem to match the characteristic style of those in storybooks.

A few months ago, my wonderful grandma sent Teri a bouquet of interesting little short-petaled tulips for Mother’s Day, and at certain angles, they resembled the flowers in Gavin’s books. So I spent an afternoon trying to emulate that look. This one falls seriously short of the description above, but it’s one of the “outtakes” that I like.

‘four happy crayons on manila paper’

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