Your Morning Cup of Pixels: An Audience of One

The twinkling cityscape of downtown Omaha as admired from Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park in Council Bluffs. If you haven’t witnessed this view from the comparative silence of the CB riverfront recently, you should. On a cold winter’s night, the only sound is from the ice discs floating down the Missouri River from the Great Cold North, creating an eerie chatter as they spin into each other en route to warmer places.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not looking forward to the day when the quiet sandy banks on the Iowa side are replaced by condominiums and shopping centers. Late last year, news stories started emerging, reporting the Urban Land Institute’s vision of transforming the area into one of “dense urban living for young professionals,” which sounds repulsive to me. Here’s one vote for leaving the Iowa riverfront wild and green.

an audience of one, Council Bluffs, Iowa, riverfront, Omaha, Nebraska, Missouri River, Tom Hanafan River

an audience of one

  • thelma - how much is the print of “Your Morning Cup of Pixels” if that is the Omaha/Co. Bluffs scenery picture. What is thedimensions?ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Cornell - Wondering how much ‘An Audience of One’ is? Available sizes? Gorgeous photo! You captured the beauty and tranquility at the same time… Awesome! Absolutely love it! Thank you. ?ReplyCancel

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