Your Morning Cup of Pixels: The Captive Light’s Lament

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge as viewed from the Council Bluffs riverfront. As unlikely as it may seem, the sandy shore near River’s Edge Park is one of the most peaceful places I know of anywhere in the city, despite its close proximity to both downtown Omaha and the I-480 Bridge. This is especially true during winter, when the area is all but deserted.

Treasure the open access to this place while you can, because these quiet sandy banks may eventually be replaced by condominiums and shopping centers. Over the past few years, news stories have reported the Urban Land Institute’s vision of transforming the area into one of “dense urban living for young professionals,” which sounds repulsive to me. Here’s a vote for leaving the Iowa riverfront wild and green.

Second Fridays happens on January 8th, the first of 2016. I’ll be in the first-floor lobby, as usual. Come on down and say hi.

the captive light

‘the captive light’s lament’

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