Photo credit: Daniel Dunlap

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I am a photographer, writer, and editor in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I spent my early life in north Omaha before the whirlwind of life dropped me for sojourns in west Omaha and Parkville, Missouri, finally dropping me in the Loess Hills of Council Bluffs, where I currently live with my wife, Teri, and our young daughter, Gavin. Somewhere during that journey, I developed a passion for storytelling, first with the pen and then with the pixel.

My photography found its roots through travelling, which I have had the great fortune to do throughout most of my life. In 2009, I began studying technique in an effort to become a better photographic storyteller. That same year, I started sharing my work online. In January 2012, I began exhibiting my prints around Council Bluffs.

I enjoy the challenge of finding the beauty in the pedestrian, often shirking the traditional for the unusual and always trying to find the subject’s essential parts. An abandoned barn catching the first light of the day, the gesture of a single flower languishing in a vase on a window sill, the swirls of smoke issuing from a pair of power-plant smokestacks . . . these are all stories that I love to retell through my photography.

My primary photographic interests include landscapes and flowers. Much of my print collection chronicles my travels throughout the United States, but most of my latest work portrays scenes in and around Council Bluffs.

Some of my favorite photographs break most rules of composition, lighting, tonality, and exposure. The only true measure of a photograph’s quality should be whether it elicits an emotional response in the viewer. I hope that some of my work does that for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

~~Buck Christensen