Boy Scout Island (Lake Manawa) Notecards

About the series

Boy Scout Island (Lake Manawa) has become a special place of solace for me. I’ve spent countless mornings on the shore across from the island waiting for the sun to rise, watching the geese meander back and forth, the herons fishing, the bald eagles perched high atop the cottonwoods, the fog roll in and roll out on cold mornings, the still water casting a perfect reflection of its stately trees. It began as a project to photograph the island in as many conditions as I could but has become an exercise in contemplation, renewal, and awakening. I once believed that this would be a temporary project that would announce its end when I captured the island in enough different seasons, weather conditions, etc, but I now believe (hope?) that it will continue indefinitely. It’s one of my favorite places to start the day.

Several photographs in the series can be found in my Stay Gallery.

About the notecards

Each set of folding 4X5.5-inch notecards contains five original photographs depicting Boy Scout Island (Lake Manawa). They are printed on metallic pearl paper and individually protected in sealed transparent sleeves. The pearl paper offers a subtle shimmer to each scene. Envelopes are included.

The insides are blank, ready for just the type of intimate ink sentiments that are exchanged by the civilized literati who still care enough to scrawl greetings or condolences or thank-yous or simple chit-chat. They’d make great stocking stuffers or reminders of home for people who have long since moved away.

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