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zen diagramlevityhalogen dazedaybreakdancingthe bluffs are blazingItloess trafficstargrindera two-star constellationwandering through a dreamabove the cloudsif youwind study number 13morning glorybayliss bluesthunder on a cloudless nightpity those without a traceprairie ghostsmagicand then suddenly everything had a shadowedamame on icethe captive lightflight riskcue the drama, stage rightriver relicsF5, bob kerrey pedestrian bridge, omaha, nebraska, council bluffs, iowaand we all stood speechlessa molten minuteborrowed birdsmidnight massthe incredible weight of dawnsome call it the failing darkness, boy scout island, lake manawa state park, council bluffs, iowalight and ink and soul, I thinktis the wind and nothing moreparty of onethe fire withineven farther up the beanstalk, council bluffs, iowamistrise kingdom, dreamland park, lake manawa state park, council bluffs, iowasilence on the trace, Wabash Trace Nature Trail, Mineola, Iowawanderlust, lake manawa state park, council bluffs, iowabreakfast with an old friendthings Ian audience of one, Council Bluffs, Iowa, riverfront, Omaha, Nebraska, Missouri River, Tom Hanafan Riverthe rift between uscold resolvemoonlight romance